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The Graphic and Media Design curriculum is comprehensive, covering all aspects of design in today’s world. You will learn digital photography, digital and layout design, type design, animation, video production, motion graphics design, advertising design and web design.

Graphic and Media Design

It’s official! There’s a new name for the Computer Arts program: Graphic & Media Design.
The Computer Arts program was the first program in the VCCS incorporating design on the computer. The name was adequate for the establishment of this program at that time, developing a visual arts program using the computer. Today, the program encompasses much more in terms of aesthetic skills and technology as the field has grown exponentially in the past 15 years. The program now educates and trains students in a multitude of design skills: graphic design, typographic design, digital imaging, advertising design, web design, video production, motion graphic design and portfolio design.

The name Computer Arts does not adequately describe the current curriculum and has created a great deal of confusion for prospective students. In the past academic year alone, faculty have encountered over 8 students who either were told there was no graphic design curriculum at the college or they entered another major on their own accord, thinking that graphic design was not offered at the college. Examples such as these have been continuous over the years and it is time to brand the program effectively so that this confusion does not continue.

If you are a student currently enrolled in the Computer Arts program, you will see that the change has already been updated in SIS for you. There is nothing you need to do.