Thomas Nelson Student Obtains Senior Communications Position

After completing the professional certificate in Multimedia Design at Thomas Nelson, Carrie Kelly obtained a Senior Communications position at Langley Research Center in Hampton. We are proud of her!

Read her story in her own words.

After spending six years as a dedicated mother and military spouse, I needed something to prepare myself to reenter the workforce. Thomas Nelson’s professional certificate in Multimedia Design was the perfect, creative supplement to the undergraduate degree I had received in Advertising and International Relations at Middle Tennessee State University in 2005. The program gave me the opportunity to enhance my design skillset in the leading creative industry software systems that focus on traditional and emerging techniques of design of information graphics, typography, video production, and motion graphics.

During my last term at Thomas Nelson, I was able to acquire an internship opportunity with NASA’s DEVELOP National Program, that was shared with me by Professor Wheeler. After graduation, DEVELOP offered me the opportunity to stay with the program as Langley Research Center’s Assistant Center Lead and Graphic Design Lead. Recently, I accepted the Senior Communications position that will allow me to coordinate all graphic design, video, social media, and recruitment campaigns at the national program level. This opportunity would not have been possible without the certificate that I earned at Thomas Nelson, or the encouragement I received from the instructors there.

A sample of some of Carrie’s work.

Slide Student art work. Info graphic Slide Student Art work. Info Graphic Slide Student art work. Image of juice bottles. Slide Student work. Poster Design.
Thomas Nelson Student Obtains Senior Communications Position